Arquitectural Illumination

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Architectural fixtures for commercial use, has the widest range of industry built high quality spots. .no One can match the Indy-brand commitment to give your proeycto solutions led energy efficient lighting and innovative design.

Precision fixtures that represent the pinnacle in design Recessed lighting. With patented designs and precise adjustability approach to highlight the architectural and decorative details in a project.

Direct lighting products that improve the look of modern spaces. Focused on architectural integration, optical performance, reliability and innovative manufacturing processes.

Manufacturer of LED architectural lighting products, Marklighting offers a wide array in innovative and creative design for the community of architectural design.

Highly regarded by architects and lighting designers as the best option for indoor lighting for commercial and institutional applications due its design and performance.

The most recognized brand in U.S. in decorative performance lighting. Visa creates the highest quality in innovative products for the lighting industry.