Lutron Controls

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The technology of the system offers functionality and convenience that adjusts to any commercial application.

It is a control system for individual spaces such private offices, conference rooms and classrooms. Includes occupancy or vacancy sensors and daylight, wireless personal controls.

This is the solution if looking for an easy and efficient control of electric and natural light. It adjusts lights and curtains for any activity and space at the touch of a button.

The system can control the lighting in a variety of environments such as conference rooms, auditoriums and commercial spaces, with predetermined options.

Lighting control system that combines dimmable and switched loads on the same panel; provides automated presets and simple control for the end user.


Flexible light switching system. Provides the ability to manage the light of a commercial space through occupancy sensors, manual and scheduled controls.

Simple, programmable and intelligent module. Able to control all the lights and save energy in a commercial space.

A commercial lighting control system comprising of digitally addressable dimmable ballasts, controls and environmental sensors. These components allow companies with a 40% – 70% energy saving.

Powerful management system to maximize energy efficiency and control dare, analysis and reporting of the lighting system in a building.