Center for Applied Lighting

In the last two years it was without doubt one of the biggest jumps in the world of lighting industry. The technologies evolved, changed and adapted to a market that demanded the highest standards in quality.

To take advantage of these advances in lighting and control technologies, we have developed a series of courses focused on varied topics of interest, aimed at designers, specifiers and related. The aim of these courses is to strengthen knowledge on specific issues, issues that we are facing every day.

The courses offered for this 2016 are separated by modules. In cases marked with an asterisk (*), it will be necessary to meet prerequisites to apply for the course.

Free courses provided

Module: Luminaires
• AEL101 - Products in stock 2016 - lighting solutions for the day-to-day.
• AEL102 - Acuity’s best – a tour of the new and improved ABL LED lamps.
• AEL103 - Architectural Top – the best architectural lamps on the market.
• AEL104 - The exact color: RGB control - specification and accessories.
Module: LED
• AEL201 - Atenuando el LED: the challenge overcome. -identification of drivers and controls.
• AEL202 - The ABC of inverters - specification and accessories.
Module: Controls
• AEL301 - The bases of control.
• AEL302 - Minimalist controls - tricks and strategies to optimize control according to space.
Module: Control Systems
• AEL401 - 0-10V dimming solutions.
• AEL501 - Systems nLight (introductory).
• AEL502* - Systems nLight (advanced) *requirement AEL401
• AEL601 - Systems RadioRa 2 (introductory).
• AEL602* - Systems RadioRa 2 (advanced) *requirement AEL501
• AEL701 - Systems HomeworksQS (introductory)
• AEL702* - Systems HomeworksQS (advanced) *requirement AEL601
• AEL801 – Commercial Systems
• AEL802* - Design with Lutron Designer (introductory) *requirement AEL702
• AEL803* - Design with Lutron Designer (advanced) *requirement AEL703


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