Ahorro Energético

Energy Savings

“Applying the technologies of the future today”

A future that integrates technology, control and good use of the daylight for efficient lighting; intelligent and sustainable for energy saving.

In the field of lighting there are many opportunities for immediate application for the efficient use of electric energy.

At Arte en Luz we know lighting and have an emphasis on efficiency, including design criteria for efficient lighting and the tools for its technical and economic evaluation.

At Arte en Luz you will find sustainable lighting solutions for all your projects.

We look forward to sharing our vision of the future with you.

At Acuity Brands, we are maximizing the potential of technology to create the highest quality lighting. With our LED lighting technology we offer intelligent integrated solutions that extend the limits of lighting.

Juno-brand products encompass residential and commercial recessed lighting, track lighting, and undercabinet lighting of unsurpassed range and quality. Award-winning Juno products are the preferred brand for custom homes, retail stores, and elegant office spaces, offering innovative designs and energy-efficient light sources

Leader in the industry of lighting control and offers a wide selection of energy saving with dimmers and lighting control solutions.

LED light bulbs, similar in size and shape to the conventional ones, but they only use 5-10% of the energy. They last up to 40 times more than common, with 3 year warranty (* conditions apply), offering great performance, quality and innovation at competitive prices.